Why Is It Dangerous to Keep Your Pet in a Hot Car?

If you are traveling with your pet inside of your vehicle on a hot day and you are thinking about leaving the animal in your vehicle because you only plan to spend a few minutes inside of a local store where dogs are not permitted, you should think again. There are many people who think this way and make this common mistake, but it is something you should avoid doing. Leaving an animal in a hot vehicle is not the right thing to do because it is cruel to the animal and could eventually lead to heatstroke, causing your pet to pass out and possibly even die inside of your car.

A Parked Vehicle Can Get Much Hotter Than You May Realize

When it is hot outside, it is often even hotter inside of a parked vehicle, even if that vehicle was only parked for a few minutes. The vehicle’s interior tends to get so hot because the sun is beating right on it for a period of time, causing the air inside of it to become so much warmer than it already was in the first place. The warm air is unable to escape the vehicle when the windows are rolled up, thus causing the inside of your vehicle to start feeling a lot more like a sauna or an oven than a car.

While you are gone for a few minutes, your dog will likely start feeling restless and may begin panting because it is so uncomfortably hot inside of the car. The panting often turns into crying as the animal starts to have even more trouble breathing. If you would not want your pet to experience something as horrific as this, you should never leave the animal in the vehicle alone, especially on a day when the temperature is rising, and it is just way too hot outside. It would be better to leave your pet at home with the air conditioner running instead of taking your pet with you and leaving it in the car on a hot day.

Never make the mistake of leaving your dog in a hot vehicle because it is simply unsafe and could lead to medical problems for your pet. Your dog needs protection from these extreme conditions and unfair treatment, like the kind offered at https://www.consumerprotection.net/. Unfortunately, some animals have passed away because their owners left them behind in scorching temperatures, which is why many of the states in America now have laws against leaving animals inside of vehicles alone.