Why Dogs Love Doorbells and How To Train Them To Calm Down With Visitors

Dogs are very social creatures and they can get overly excited when you have visitors to your home. Sometimes they’ll calm down after a little while but other times they’ll bother some people to the point of making them uncomfortable. There are some things you can do to train your dog to behave, but let’s first take a look at why your dog gets so excited every time the doorbell rings.

Why Do Dogs Get So Excited When the Door Bell Rings?

Dogs are intelligent animals and they are good at learning to connect events. When your doorbell rings at home, you get all excited and rush to the door. Your dog can see and sense the excitement, even better than a human would. Then, when you open the door, there is world of new smells, sounds, and other things for him to explore, he’s in heaven for awhile.

Possibly, the visitor is going to stay for a nice meal, more great smells, sounds, maybe a pat on the head and a “good boy” from several people. Your dog has been waiting all day for this, just like you. In fact, if the visitor was expected by you, your dog was anticipating the visitor as well. They can sense your anxiety, maybe you showered, put on some music, lit some incense, and have some food cooking on the stove. Your dog knows all of these signals, and hundreds more that his heightened senses can recognize long before anyone arrives. So, when you’re wondering why your dog is so excited when the doorbell rings, it’s because he’s been reading the signals all day long.

You Can Train Your Dog To Calm Down

This is going to take some work and you may have to have some friends help you out in the testing stages.

The first thing you have to remember is that the dog is watching you for clues on how to behave, if you laugh, joke, shake hands, give hugs to your visitor, then your dog is going to take clues from you. And he won’t understand why he can’t be in on the fun, dogs are very social creatures.

The second thing to do is have your dog on a leash so that when you open the door you have control. Then do a little meet and greet with the visitors, keeping your dog on the leash. Go ahead and sit down and keep your dog calm, on the leash, and have him lay down next to you. He should get the idea after awhile and start to ignore the guests. You have to have more patience than your dog has energy or it will never work.

If your dog won’t calm down, then it’s time that he goes in his locked travel cage for awhile and try him again every hour or so. Unless he’s totally hyper, he should eventually get it and become a good boy.

Dog training isn’t all that difficult but dogs need to know what it is that you want, they really want to please you. Punishing the dog is usually bad and has long-term bad consequences, but rewards for being good are also far more effective than punishing him. The key in nearly everything is getting the dog to do the right thing, then rewarding him lavishly with praise and treats. He’ll remember that, and strive to get his rewards every time.