Why Do Cats Hate Riding In The Car?

Most cat owners have learned the hard way that most cats do not enjoy a car ride, especially if the car is having mechanical issues, which can be resolved at Lemon Law PA. While dogs will usually enjoy the experience, sticking their heads out the window and letting the breeze blow their tongues around, cats more often go into panic mode. Many cat owners wonder why it is that their kitty can not seem to enjoy a simple drive around the block. Read on for some reasons researchers think might be involved.

The first and simplest reason is that cats are creatures of habit. Just like many humans, cats fall into a routine that comforts them. When that routine is shaken up, like when morning nap in the sun time is replaced with getting locked in a cage in a moving vehicle, cats understandably get a little stressed out. Evolutionarily speaking, cats would be rewarded for having a routine of checking hunting areas at the same time each day, and remembering water sources and safe napping spots for later. A car is an unfamiliar situation over which they have no control.

Perhaps more importantly, cats are very territorial creatures. A cat considers its home its turf, where it feels safe and ready to defend against rival cats and predators. Having the home turf in a fight means knowing all of the best places to hide or get an advantage. When a cat leaves its territory, it feels the need to be on guard constantly against attack, because it is no longer on familiar ground. It may even be entering another cat’s home turf, which is an extremely stressful situation!

To help alleviate a pet’s stress, the number one tip experts have is to be calm and present for the cat. Cats pick up on the emotions of their owner, so if you are worried and stressed about the trip, your cat will not do much better. If at all possible, it is best to have someone else drive for you while you sit with the cat actively. Giving your cat familiar stimulus in an unfamiliar environment can go a long way toward easing their anxiety.

Cats and cars might never be the best of friends, but when you know why they hate it, you might be able to help keep them comfortable. Keep in mind that any time you take your pet in the car, they would rather be doing something else. Try to reassure them that they are safe, even in their unfamiliar environment!