The Best Play Times for Pets

If you have a pet, no doubt you know that these furry little companions can take a lot of time and care in order to stay healthy and happy. But this time can be extremely rewarding for not only your pet but yourself as well. When, though, is it the best time to play with your pet? In this article, we will discuss just that.

Knowing when to have some playtime with your pet depends largely on what kind of animal your pet is. Some animals need lots more attention than others. For example, cats tend to keep to themselves and need less attention than animals such as dogs. In fact, it is not uncommon for cats to sleep most of the day away and come to their humans whenever they are ready for play and cuddles. This is the time to play with your cat. In this sense, felines are easy animals to play with because they are not hard to figure out when it comes to the time they want to spend with you.

What are some excellent ways to play with your cat? We have found that there are several, but most cats enjoy playing with fake mice, balls that contain bells that they can bat around, and feathers on strings that they can try to snatch out of the air. Another game you can play with your cat is hide and seek. Try getting down on the floor and peaking out at your cat and then hiding back behind a wall. Cats love this!

What about animals such as dogs? The average canine only receives one or two hours of attention from their owners due to busy schedules and long days at the workplace. And for pups, this is not quite enough. So aim to spend as much time at play with your dog as you realistically can. And this can be at any time of the day! Just make sure he or she has been fed and watered and is ready to spend some quality time with you.

How can you make the most of the time you spend playing with your canine companion? If you can, take them outside and allow them to run around! Of course, they will need to be in an enclosed area or be on a leash. Playing fetch is an excellent activity for dogs, as is tug-of-war.

In conclusion, the best time to play with your pet is when you have the time or they are ready to get busy having a blast with you. So make sure you fit your furry friend in your schedule. You’ll be glad you did!