The Best Foods For Older Dogs

As your dog gets older, their nutritional needs will change and you need to be aware of this. The dog food you have been giving them may not be right anymore and you need to know what changes you have to make. Continuing to give them the same food can cause injury, in which case it’d be wise to contact Scaffidi & Associates. It is also important that you understand when your dog is considered an elder.

The Calories

When you look at food for your older dog, you need to consider the number of calories. Older dogs need a lower-calorie diet because they are more prone to obesity. This is due to the fact that they will not be as active as they were.

Older dogs will also have a slower metabolism. This means that they will not burn through their food at the same rate and do not actually need as much. To reduce the chances of obesity, a low-calorie food is better than decreasing the overall amount they are used to eating.

Soft And Wet Foods

As your dog gets older, you also need to consider the hardness of their food. Kibble which has been designed for adult dogs might be too hard when they become an elder. This is why you should look at dry food which has been formulated with older dogs in mind. This food will generally break down easily when your dog chews making it easier for older dogs to eat.

You might want to consider including wet food in your dog’s diet when they become older. This is due to the fact that older dogs need more water than younger dogs. Wet food cannot replace water in your dog’s diet, but it will help them out. Of course, it is important to consider the contents of the wet food as you do not want any hard pieces.

Treats For Your Dog

When your dog gets older, you have to change the treats that you provide. You should look at giving them treats and snacks that have low-sodium levels. They should also be low in fat to ensure that your dog does not gain too much weight in their old age.

Milk biscuits and bones are the most common treats people provide their pets, but you should consider vegetables as well. Older dogs can be given carrots and apple slices. However, you should avoid giving your dog any raisins or grapes and they can be harmful to your pet and you will want to avoid this when they are older.