The 5 Steps To Giving Your New Puppy The Right Start

Bringing a new puppy into the family can be very exciting and fun. But it’s not just fun and games. Because if you want a healthy and happy puppy to play and bond with, you have to take the right steps.

It’s a good thing you found this article, given that you are about to learn the 5 steps to giving your new puppy the right start.

1. Nutrition

The first thing you have to be focused on is their nutrition. In other words, what type of food are you going to feed them? Seeing as puppies require a little extra where elements like protein are involved, their food has to be nutritional and positively influence their growth.

So, when you go shopping, make sure you are getting food that is made for puppies, and also check the breed of your dog. This will determine how much you should be giving. At the same time, they should always have clean and fresh water to avoid getting dehydrated.

2. Regular Trips To The Vet

Taking your new puppy to the vet can be very informational and helpful. Plus, with a puppy, you are trying to prevent them from getting sick as supposed to receiving treatment.

A vet can tell you more about the breed and what you need to be careful about. They will also vaccinate the puppy if you like while giving more advice about feeding habits and whatever else the puppy could need.

3. Proper House Training

Firstly, proper house training isn’t just about punishment when the puppy fails to go outside. Proper house training is all about positive reinforcement, meaning you should praise your puppy every time they make the effort.

The fact is they are still learning, and just like babies, you need to have a lot of patience if you want them to learn the right way.

4. Keep Their Environment Safe

Of course, your new puppy is going to chew on everything their noses draw attention to, so always try to keep their environment safe. In other words, get rid of toxic and chokable objects, and replace them with toys made specifically for puppies.

5. Lots Of Love

Finally, a happy puppy is a loved puppy. When they know they can run to you for comfort, playtime, or just some honest loving, you are definitely on the right track.

And by following these 5 steps to giving your new puppy the right start, you are going to be the proudest dog owner in the neighborhood.