Why Are We Obsessed With Cats?

You are either a dog person or you are a cat person. Or some of us are both persons. I love dogs because I can actually have a dog. I am highly allergic to cats and even though I think they are adorable I can’t be near them. So I admire them from afar. But what makes people so obsessed with cats? The fact of the matter is that the human population didn’t domesticate cats (like we did with cows, horses, etc) but cats domesticated us. Cats became integrated into human life because they chose to be a part of it. Not to mention they are incredibly adorable with their round heads, large eyes, and puffy cheeks. Also in nature, cats are quiet animals that only meow around humans because they see how it affects us.

For more information on why we are obsessed with cats, watch this video by The New Yorker.