The Best Ways to Save Money on Pet Care

Having a furry companion is extremely rewarding, but taking care of a pet can cost way more than you may have anticipated. However, there is no need to fret. You can save money while still giving your pet everything it needs to thrive! In this article, we will discuss the best ways to save money on pet care.

1. Groom at Home

Instead of taking your pet to a professional groomer, consider grooming your animal at home. This can save you a ton of money while ensuring that their coats stay in tip-top shape.

2. Save Money on Pet Food

One of the largest expenses when it comes to taking care of a pet is the food that it consumes. So do yourself a favor, and take some steps to save money on your pet’s chow! While you don’t want to switch the brand that you use too often, you can visit the company’s website and look for coupons that you can utilize in order to keep some money in your pocket. Some have been able to save as much as 20-40% using this method! This is especially helpful if your pet has health problems or requires a special diet.

3. DIY Toys and Treats

Another expense when it comes to taking care of a pet? Buying toys and treats from the store for your companion. If you would like to save a few bucks, try your hand at making your own toys and treats! Your pet is sure to not know the difference, and you would be surprised at how easy and how fun it is! A quick internet search will give you tons of recipes for treats and tutorials for toys for you to choose from.

4. Keep Your Pet Healthy

You, of course, want your animal to stay as healthy and happy as he or she can. And if your pet gets sick, the last thing on your mind may be the cost of getting health back on track, but this can get very hard on the wallet. For your pet’s welfare as well as your cash, exercise your pet regularly and make sure that you keep it up-to-date on shots and pills.

In conclusion, while it can get pretty costly to take care of a pet, you can save some money while making sure your furry friend enjoys a wonderful and happy life! Use these tips to keep some cash in your pocket while spending quality time with your companion.

How Glucosamine And Chondroitin Supplementation Can Help Your Arthritic Dog

For years many people have been taking the supplement Glucosamine to help combat arthritis. Many doctors, chiropractors, and nutritionists recommend these, along with other nutrients like Chondroitin (visit website) as a natural way to help their aching joints. Now, many animal Vets are recommending the same treatments for dogs as they age. There are some signs that you should watch for, and then consult with your dog’s Vet to get the latest information. Here are the steps to take and what you can expect.

What To Look For As Your Dog Grows Older

Many dog breeds are very susceptible to getting arthritis at a fairly young age. There are several online estimates that more than 1 in 5 dogs already have arthritis or the beginning stages of it. As a pet owner, you’ll notice that your dog starts slowing down and isn’t as perky as it used to be. Then, when it comes to running up a flight of stairs, it will stop at the bottom for a pause, as if it’s getting ready for the pain.

Your dog might also decline from jumping up on a chair or other high perches and opt for places on the floor instead. These will be the first signs of a dog that is starting to have sore joints. The joints themselves may feel warm to the touch, that’s the inflammation, and your dog may shout in pain when toughed in certain places. Remember as well, your dog has a high threshold of pain, much higher than a human, so if it’s showing pain to you, it’s something to pay attention to.

Sadly, the arthritis in dogs will get progressively worse the more they age. You can take them to a Veterinarian to get some advice or many times a phone call is all that’s needed. Here are just some of the symptoms you’ll see: swelling or hot joints, licking the joints, hard to get up from a rest, declines to go up stairs or sit in high places, muscles starting to deteriorate, walking slower than normal with head hung down, limping, and of course pain.

What You Can Do To Help Your Dog With Arthritis

Supplements containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin are usually recommended. These two combined will help lessen inflammation in the joints and increase the lubrication in the joints at the same time. As dogs age, much of the cartilage will have become damaged and when it’s gone the bones in the joints rub together creating inflammation and pain. When you supplement with Gucosamine and Chondroitin not only will some of the lubrication return but there will be less pain as well.

Your vet may also recommend injections and therapies but they’ll all be quite expensive compared to the supplements. You can help by exercising your dog in a pool to give them plenty of heart healthy exercise without impacting the joints. The coolness of the water will also lessen the inflammation and help with the pain.

The Best Play Times for Pets

If you have a pet, no doubt you know that these furry little companions can take a lot of time and care in order to stay healthy and happy. But this time can be extremely rewarding for not only your pet but yourself as well. When, though, is it the best time to play with your pet? In this article, we will discuss just that.

Knowing when to have some playtime with your pet depends largely on what kind of animal your pet is. Some animals need lots more attention than others. For example, cats tend to keep to themselves and need less attention than animals such as dogs. In fact, it is not uncommon for cats to sleep most of the day away and come to their humans whenever they are ready for play and cuddles. This is the time to play with your cat. In this sense, felines are easy animals to play with because they are not hard to figure out when it comes to the time they want to spend with you.

What are some excellent ways to play with your cat? We have found that there are several, but most cats enjoy playing with fake mice, balls that contain bells that they can bat around, and feathers on strings that they can try to snatch out of the air. Another game you can play with your cat is hide and seek. Try getting down on the floor and peaking out at your cat and then hiding back behind a wall. Cats love this!

What about animals such as dogs? The average canine only receives one or two hours of attention from their owners due to busy schedules and long days at the workplace. And for pups, this is not quite enough. So aim to spend as much time at play with your dog as you realistically can. And this can be at any time of the day! Just make sure he or she has been fed and watered and is ready to spend some quality time with you.

How can you make the most of the time you spend playing with your canine companion? If you can, take them outside and allow them to run around! Of course, they will need to be in an enclosed area or be on a leash. Playing fetch is an excellent activity for dogs, as is tug-of-war.

In conclusion, the best time to play with your pet is when you have the time or they are ready to get busy having a blast with you. So make sure you fit your furry friend in your schedule. You’ll be glad you did!

How To Keep Your Dog Clean And Healthy

Dogs make great pets. However, in order for them to be the pet that you desire, it is up to you to keep your dog clean and healthy. There are many ways that you can do this and there are many benefits to being a responsible pet owner. Continue reading this helpful article for tips that you can use when you want to make sure that your dog is as clean and as healthy as possible.

First of all, you should consult with a vet to learn how to keep your dog clean and healthy. It is important for your pup to have regular checkups and visit a dog doctor to be examined. During this examination, the vet can share share with you the tips that they have. These will be dependent on their beliefs, the health and age of your dog, and any concerns that you may have. It is a good idea to consult with your dog’s vet to learn what he or she thinks you should do to help maximize the health of your pet. They may recommend a certain food and amount, supplements, medications, planned estate exercise like at, and other things to help your dog be as healthy as possible.

Then, you should keep your dog clean as part of keeping them healthy. Your dog’s skin is different than yours so it is important to consider this when you are washing them. You will want to find a way to wash your dog that is good for their skin. If you need advice, talking with your vet can be helpful. They can share with you what to use and how often to bathe your dog.

Another thing that can help you keep your dog healthy and clean is training them. No, this won’t directly help with their health or hygiene, but it will help you help them. For instance, if your dog is in a field and finds something questionable, if you are able to call them back to you, they will be less likely to ingest something they shouldn’t. There are many different reasons that training your dog should be trained to help keep them healthy, clean, and happy.

To end, when you are looking to take great care of your pet, there are some different things that you can do. Training them and forming a relationship with their vet is a good start. Use what you learned here to help you keep your dog healthy and clean.

Dog Friendly Winter Hiking Trails

As the colder weather draws in theres no reason to hang up your hiking boots or ignore the opportunity to enjoy the company of your pooch on great hiking trails. In fact winter hiking with your dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The crisp air and sheer beauty of the trails during the colder months is something that should be experienced with your faithful companion at your side.

Here are some of the best dog friendly winter hiking trails in North America.

1. Lord Hill Regional Park

If you are in Seattle area the Lord Hill Regional Park offers some exceptional winter hiking opportunities. Incredible natural beauty and around 11 miles of trails suitable for both people and canines this is the ideal spot for some winter time exploring.

The Park spans 1,400 acres of pristine nature reserve and there are numerous trails to choose from. Some of the best follow the banks of the Snoqualmie River.

2. Dog Mountain

If you are headed up North with your faithful companion then the Dog Mountain trail in British Columbia, Canada is a perfect day out. Be aware that heavy snow can make this more suitable for those who are comfortable in snowshoes. The trail is not long – only a round trip of just over 3 miles, but the scenery and views of Vancouver are incredible. It’s a favorite for those who want to take in spectacular sunsets with their canine companion.

3. The Cheakamus River Trail

Staying in British Columbia the Cheakamus River Trail is a delight for those who want to enjoy the clam and serenity of old growth forest and a wonderful untouched natural environment. It’s another fairly easy trail, suitable for a morning or evening hike. The beginning of the trail is about 6 miles from Whistler Village which can be found just off the well known ‘Sea to Sky’ highway. The suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River is one of the highlights of this short trail.

4. Mayflower Gulch Trails

For those who will be staying in the United States during winter time the Mayflower Gulch trails near Denver are perfect for hiking with dogs. Great views of Pacific Peak, Fletcher Mountain and Atlantic Peak make this one of the most picturesque trails available to dog lovers. It’s a round trip of just over 6 miles, but its relatively easy on both human and canine hikers.

Enjoy the great outdoors this winter with your furry companion. But always make sure that both you and your dog have the right clothing and equipment. It can get really chilly out there.

Best Places In The 5 Boroughs Of New York To Take Your Dog

Everything that your doctor tells you about getting lots of exercise and how good it is for your health is all that much more important for your dog. Even though your dog really needs more exercise than you, most likely it lies around the house sleeping all day long while you’re at work, then, when you come home in the evening all tired, it’s ready to play and you’re not. Still, it would be good for you to get up and take your dog for a brisk walk every single day, you’d both live longer, more than 10% longer, by most estimates. If you can’t do that, at least take your dog to the local doggy park where it can run free and you can chat on the park benches. Here are some of the best doggy parks in the 5 Boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

Nothing really comes close to matching the good fresh air, free run exercise, social interaction, and more, for your favorite dog. In a dog park, they have good fences, even in the city surrounded by cars and streets, you can feel safe letting your dog run free. Dogs are also very social creatures and love to chat and interact with their fellow soulmates from around the block. Choose your dog park based on what you and your dog feel the most comfortable with, they are all different.

The Sirius Dog Run of Manhattan

This park is named after a famous K-9 dog named Sirius that was an explosives expert and died in the 9-11 attacks while at work. The park is located on the shore of the Hudson river in Battery Park City. It has plenty of room for most large dogs to get a good run off leash and there is plenty of shade for the humans with park benches as well. There is a wading pool just for the dogs and it’s quite popular on warmer days with the many pooches that come there. The park is mostly paved which makes it nice if you don’t want to dirty up your car or home after you visit the park. There are special water stations for dogs and plastic bags and poop receptacles for their disposal.

Little Bay Dog Park in Bayside, Queens

This park has great views to offer the humans of the Throngs Neck Bridge that are quite awesome in the evenings. Located near the Utopia and Cross island parkways it’s fairly convenient to get to by car. It is well fenced to allow the dogs to go off-leash and there are water fountains just for dogs and others for humans. This park is somewhat special since it has separate areas for the smaller dogs that can sometimes be overwhelmed among lots of large dogs. Baggies for poop and receptacles are available too.

The 5 Boroughs of New York may seem like and unfriendly place to own a dog, at first, but there are at least 8 dog parks including Rockaway Freeway, Tomkins Square, Madison Square, Long Meadow, Silver Lake, and Canine Court to choose from. Each has its own ambiance and amenities, you may like to mix and match of just hit your favorite every time.

Noises Cats Make And What They Mean

There are a lot of different noises that your cat can make and you might be wondering what they mean. Each noise will have a meaning and understanding them will help you understand what your cat wants you to know.


If you have an adult cat and they are meowing, they are trying to communicate with you. It has been found that adult cats almost exclusively using meowing to communicate with humans and not other cats. Meowing generally means that your cat wants something from you such as food or access to a room. There are times when meowing will be something as simple as a welcome home.

Younger cats will generally shorten their meows to a mew when they are lonely or hungry. Rapid meowing is your cat’s attempt to get your attention urgently. A longer and more plaintive meow could be worry, an objection to something or annoyance. Incessant meowing could be the sign that something is wrong and you should take your cat to the vet.


The most hypnotic and enjoyable of cat noises is the purr. This is a deep and throaty rumble that often indicates that your cat is in a good mood. Your cat will generally make this noise when they are content with what is happening in their lives.

There are rare occasions when purring will indicate that your cat is agitated. The way to differentiate between these purrs and the ones of contentment is the body language of your cat. If your cat’s ears are back and their body is tense, the purr is telling you that your cat is concerned over something.

Trills, Chirrups, And Chirps

These bird-like noises are generally learned while your cat is a kitten and will be more declarative than the average meow. They are originally used by mother cats to tell their kittens to pay attention and follow them. It is possible that your cat will chirp at you when they want to get you to pay attention or look at something they deem important. Trills and chirrups are generally made when your cat is happy or excited.


There is no mistaking the meaning of a cat’s hiss. This sound only comes when your cat feels threatened and is getting ready to fight. This noise will generally come with an arched back, flattened ears, puffing hair and fangs that are ready to strike. When your cat makes this noise, you need to back off and give them some space.

How To Keep Your Pet Safe In The Car – A Few Helpful Tips

Traveling with a pet is a big responsibility. Because not only do their safety depend on your skills, your safety depends on how they react inside the car. When your dog suddenly wants to sit on your lap while you are driving at a high speed, there is no telling what can happen.

So, here are some helpful tips to keep your pet safe in the car, and calm on the on the road.

1. A Comfortable Temperature

Pets can get really sensitive to temperature, especially on a hot day inside a car. They need to feel some wind and fresh air, but they also need it to stay cool. If possible make the temperature as comfortable as possible according to your pet.

2. Keep Water Closeby

Fresh and clean water should always be at hand, just in case your pet gets thirsty on the trip. Whatever you do, don’t prevent it from drinking, seeing as being in a car can make them dehydrate a lot quicker.

3. A Seatbelt

Depending on the type of pet you’ll be driving with, there are seatbelts you can use to keep them safe and in one spot. This way you know they won’t be able to surprise you, and if an accident happens, they have better odds of surviving. In the unfortunate case of an accident, it is important to contact a car accident attorney to assist with how to proceed.

4. A Mobile Home

For some pets, the trip inside the car will be less stressful when they don’t see too much on the outside. In other words, they want to sleep in a smaller space where they feel comfortable, and all they need to see is you inside the car with them.

So, if your pet has a tiny home or dome they like to sleep in, try taking it along because it will definitely help to keep them calm.

5. Set Up Barriers

Once again, depending on the type of pet you have, barriers can be very useful. For example, big dogs that can a little hard to control won’t be able to cause havoc with a barrier in place. It will keep them in a designated space while you can safely drive on.

6. Make Regular Stops

Lastly, remember that some pets are going to need a bathroom break. If possible, stop often enough and let your pet breath some fresh air.

Keeping your pet safe in the car doesn’t have to be challenging and difficult. It’s just a matter of addressing the small things and knowing what makes them comfortable.

How to Create an Affordable DIY Litter Box For Your Cat

If you own a cat, you have likely gone through quite a few different litter boxes over the span of several years. If you were not a big fan of any of those litter boxes and you are tired of spending a lot of money on these boxes that your cat uses at home, you can quickly make your own litter box with a few affordable items.

Items Needed to Make the Litter Box

If you are going to make a litter box for your cat, there are some supplies you should go out and purchase if you do not already have these things at home. The items you will need include:

20 QT Storage Container With Lid
• Utility Knife
• Small Plastic Laundry Basket With Holes

There is a good chance you have some or even all these different items at home, which means you could make this litter box without spending a single dime. The first thing you will need to do is take your utility knife and cut out a large square opening on the side of the storage container, making it easy for the cat to crawl in and out with no problem.

After you have cut the side of the storage container to make an opening for your cat, you will need to remove the lid of the storage container, spread some cat litter on the bottom of the container, and then place a smaller plastic laundry basket right on top of the cat litter. Add a bit more cat litter to the small laundry basket, place the lid back on top of the container, and then wait for your cat to go in the new litter box.

The way this litter box works is that your cat will get to walk into the container through the opening you have cut out, jump right inside the small plastic laundry basket, and then use the bathroom. When you want to sift through the litter to get rid of feces, you can easily do so by lifting the small laundry basket and gently shaking it. Clean pieces of litter will fall through the holes of the laundry basket and on to the bottom of the storage container, making it easier for you to keep the litter box clean without wasting any of the litter you normally purchase. It is simple, easy, and worth a try if you would rather create your own litter box for your cat.

Raising Your Pet In The Right Environment For Them To Thrive

If you are a pet owner, there’s no question that you want the absolute best for your pet. These four legged friends are often more like friendly family members than pets, and giving them the right environment to thrive in is no doubt near the top of your list of wants. In some cases, adding a new family member into a turmoil home, such as one experiencing domestic violence, can have a negative effect on all. The good news is that taking a few basic steps (sometimes even before choosing a pet) can help you to create an environment your pet thrives in.

Energy Levels
Understanding the energy level of your pet is really important to creating a great environment. Bigger dogs (or even smaller dogs) with really high energy levels do better with larger areas to roam like a country property, or will need to be taken out frequently to burn off that energy.

Then again, there are breeds which are relatively low energy and have no problem with just the occasional walk and otherwise lying down for most the day in an apartment is just fine. If you are limited in where you can live, then make sure to look at the energy level of your pet. That doesn’t mean a high energy pet can’t live in a small apartment, but it will take a lot of compensation to burn that off and make them happy.

Look At Their Breed History
Certain breeds were designed to be very intelligent/very trainable. Even today these species tend to be very mischievous and want to be trained or intellectually challenged. If not, they can tend to misbehave out of boredom. Training these breeds and going through training is a great way to give them the mentally challenging environment they want and is a great time for dog to bond with master.

Other breeds will have particular health concerns or needs that can be alleviated through bedding, avoiding certain types of challenges, or switching up food. All these little things make a big difference and provide a healthy environment that will allow your pet to absolutely thrive.

A Little Effort Goes A Long Way
One of the great things about the Internet is the ability to look up specific information on specific animals and species to go beyond the basics. Yes all animals should have a comfortable sleeping space they like and an area where they eat, do their business, etc. but now you can go online to find which breeds want training, which prefer one environmental factor versus another, and adjust accordingly.

A little research and effort goes a long way to creating that outstanding environment that your pets can thrive in.