Gunther – Laurie Spraga and Anthony Graciano


Gunther truly was a gentle giant. We fell in love with him half a world away. I was waiting in Kuwait for a flight home from Iraq when I saw his picture on a shelter adoption web page. I e-mailed my friend who worked at the shelter and asked her to hold him for me; my husband and I would be there to bring him home. Gunther became part of our family the day after I arrived home. He was such a great ambassador for rescue dogs. He was a caring therapy dog and brought so much happiness to those who had so little. Gunther was always so willing to love unconditionally and was special beyond words. When Jake passed away, he comforted us, and when we adopted two more shelter dogs, he showed them the ropes at home.

Unfortunately, his body could not keep up with what his mind wanted to accomplish and he succumbed to end-stage arthritis. Gunther passed over to the Rainbow Bridge right before I left for Afghanistan. I know that he could never leave me without saying goodbye. He truly was a gift and we are grateful for the time that he shared with us.