Is That A Dirty Mop? No It’s Just A Komondor

One of our all-time favorite breeds is the Komondor. It’s so cute that you don’t know whether to cuddle with it or throw some water and soap on it and let it go wild in the house. However, this bread has many interesting facts besides the fact that it looks like a mop:

  1. This breed of dog is considered a National Treasure in Hungary. The history of this breed dates all the way back to 1246 when the Cumans brought it with them to present-day Hungary. This breed is even mentioned in Hungarian law in 1544.
  2. You don’t have a heard of Komondors, you have a heard of Komondorok. In Hungarian, the consonant “k” is similar to that of “s” in English.
  3. Their mop like exterior is used to camouflage itself within a herd of sheep. When an unsuspecting wolf attacks the flock, the Komondor can surprise the predator and prevent it from hurting the sheep.
  4. On average, a Komondor has 200 cords and the coat itself can weight up to 15lbs! Because the cords form dreadlocks, this breed doesn’t need to be brushed. However, the cords need to be seperated to prevent painful knotting. The cords also need to be washed to prevent dirt building up. It’s rumored to take up to 2 full days for the cords to dry.
  5. It’s been featured on album covers! The cover of Beck’s 1996 album entitled Odelay features a Komondor jumping over a hurdle. It garnered itself a place on the Greatest Album Covers list.

Komondorok love exercising and training. They are the perfect breed for people who have large outdoor areas. If the breed is trained as a puppy there will be no issues inside the home. They are affectionate but very protective of the family members as it is in their nature to serve was watch guard.