Is It Better To Adopt Or Buy A Pet?

To most people, there’s no difference between adopting or buying a pet dog or cat — after all, you still take a furry friend home at the end of the day. But to some of those furry friends, the difference between adopting and buying can make all the difference in the world. That’s especially true because for some, it’s their last chance to find a love home. Here are a few reasons to consider adoption over purchase.

Buying a pet means that the current owner likely bred with intent to sell. These are not often categorized as a group of animals who are at risk of being euthanized to curb stray dog and cat populations. Adoption means you’re taking on an animal who might be nearing the end of his or her stay at any particular shelter.

Adoption usually costs less because there are included procedures like spaying/neutering and vaccinations. 

Purchasing a puppy from any store means your animal most likely came from a “puppy mill,” which means he or she was bred in a factory-like facility in poor conditions. Would you want your next puppy raised in an Amazon warehouse? …No? Then adoption is likely the best option for you. The average consumer has no idea these mills even exist.

When you adopt an animal from the shelter, they have increased capacity for new ones that need caring for.  The money you spend when adopting a pet is funneled back into the shelter, making it easier to care for the animals who temporarily live inside.

The Shelter Pet Project allows anyone in need of a pet to search for a dog, cat, or shelter in the vicinity. Once you’ve found a pet, you can go meet them! You’ll speak with someone who works at the shelter and they’ll teach you how to take care of your new companion. Are you looking for an animal in need of a forever home?