How to Create an Affordable DIY Litter Box For Your Cat

If you own a cat, you have likely gone through quite a few different litter boxes over the span of several years. If you were not a big fan of any of those litter boxes and you are tired of spending a lot of money on these boxes that your cat uses at home, you can quickly make your own litter box with a few affordable items.

Items Needed to Make the Litter Box

If you are going to make a litter box for your cat, there are some supplies you should go out and purchase if you do not already have these things at home. The items you will need include:

20 QT Storage Container With Lid
• Utility Knife
• Small Plastic Laundry Basket With Holes

There is a good chance you have some or even all these different items at home, which means you could make this litter box without spending a single dime. The first thing you will need to do is take your utility knife and cut out a large square opening on the side of the storage container, making it easy for the cat to crawl in and out with no problem.

After you have cut the side of the storage container to make an opening for your cat, you will need to remove the lid of the storage container, spread some cat litter on the bottom of the container, and then place a smaller plastic laundry basket right on top of the cat litter. Add a bit more cat litter to the small laundry basket, place the lid back on top of the container, and then wait for your cat to go in the new litter box.

The way this litter box works is that your cat will get to walk into the container through the opening you have cut out, jump right inside the small plastic laundry basket, and then use the bathroom. When you want to sift through the litter to get rid of feces, you can easily do so by lifting the small laundry basket and gently shaking it. Clean pieces of litter will fall through the holes of the laundry basket and on to the bottom of the storage container, making it easier for you to keep the litter box clean without wasting any of the litter you normally purchase. It is simple, easy, and worth a try if you would rather create your own litter box for your cat.