Dog Friendly Winter Hiking Trails

As the colder weather draws in theres no reason to hang up your hiking boots or ignore the opportunity to enjoy the company of your pooch on great hiking trails. In fact winter hiking with your dog can be an incredibly rewarding experience. The crisp air and sheer beauty of the trails during the colder months is something that should be experienced with your faithful companion at your side.

Here are some of the best dog friendly winter hiking trails in North America.

1. Lord Hill Regional Park

If you are in Seattle area the Lord Hill Regional Park offers some exceptional winter hiking opportunities. Incredible natural beauty and around 11 miles of trails suitable for both people and canines this is the ideal spot for some winter time exploring.

The Park spans 1,400 acres of pristine nature reserve and there are numerous trails to choose from. Some of the best follow the banks of the Snoqualmie River.

2. Dog Mountain

If you are headed up North with your faithful companion then the Dog Mountain trail in British Columbia, Canada is a perfect day out. Be aware that heavy snow can make this more suitable for those who are comfortable in snowshoes. The trail is not long – only a round trip of just over 3 miles, but the scenery and views of Vancouver are incredible. It’s a favorite for those who want to take in spectacular sunsets with their canine companion.

3. The Cheakamus River Trail

Staying in British Columbia the Cheakamus River Trail is a delight for those who want to enjoy the clam and serenity of old growth forest and a wonderful untouched natural environment. It’s another fairly easy trail, suitable for a morning or evening hike. The beginning of the trail is about 6 miles from Whistler Village which can be found just off the well known ‘Sea to Sky’ highway. The suspension bridge over the Cheakamus River is one of the highlights of this short trail.

4. Mayflower Gulch Trails

For those who will be staying in the United States during winter time the Mayflower Gulch trails near Denver are perfect for hiking with dogs. Great views of Pacific Peak, Fletcher Mountain and Atlantic Peak make this one of the most picturesque trails available to dog lovers. It’s a round trip of just over 6 miles, but its relatively easy on both human and canine hikers.

Enjoy the great outdoors this winter with your furry companion. But always make sure that both you and your dog have the right clothing and equipment. It can get really chilly out there.