Can You Ever Claim A Dog On Your Taxes?

Good pet owners usually consider their dogs as much a part of a family as their children. Sadly, the IRS doesn’t agree with this sentiment, so you can’t simply deduct your dog like you can deduct your sons or daughters. Sadly, you also can’t include your vet bills under medical deductions. On the other hand, some people may be able to get some tax breaks for some pets if they contact an experienced social security attorney.

IRS Tax Breaks For Dog Owners

Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out if you can ever deduct your pet dog:

Service Animal Deductions

If you need to have a service animal because of a disability or illness, the IRS may let you deduct some expenses. You can get more information in Publication 502 of the IRS, but this is a quick overview. For service animals, the IRS will allow you to deduct costs that help keep your dog healthy and able to perform his or her duties. This includes such expenses as vet bills, grooming, food, and so on.

This deduction won’t apply to other animals that you obtain to give you comfort. The animal must be a trained and certified service animal to comply with the rules.

Business Animals

If you own a working dog who helps you with your business, you might get a deduction for the care of this animal. This deduction doesn’t give you the unlimited ability to deduct your Maltese as a guard dog. If the tax authorities comb through your tax forms, they will want to see that you have the type of pet that would normally perform the function assigned.

Moving Costs For Animals

You can deduct the cost of certain kinds of moves from your taxes. If you can deduct your move, you may also be able to deduct the extra cost of moving a dog or other type of pet.

Deductions For Hobbies

In certain cases, you can deduct expenses for your hobbies. Typically, people do this to offset small earnings or prize awards that they get. This is treated a bit differently than business expenses because a hobby usually doesn’t generate a large percentage of income. Still, the deductions have to add up to at least two percent of income in order to qualify for a deduction. So, if your hobby is taking your dog to local shows or something else that employs the pet, you might have a deduction.

Rescued Dogs

If you rescued a dog from a shelter, your costs may also be deductible.

Sometimes, You Can Deduct Your Dog

In some cases, you may be able to deduct expenses for a dog. However, the tax man won’t regard your pet as a child even if you do.