Best Places In The 5 Boroughs Of New York To Take Your Dog

Everything that your doctor tells you about getting lots of exercise and how good it is for your health is all that much more important for your dog. Even though your dog really needs more exercise than you, most likely it lies around the house sleeping all day long while you’re at work, then, when you come home in the evening all tired, it’s ready to play and you’re not. Still, it would be good for you to get up and take your dog for a brisk walk every single day, you’d both live longer, more than 10% longer, by most estimates. If you can’t do that, at least take your dog to the local doggy park where it can run free and you can chat on the park benches. Here are some of the best doggy parks in the 5 Boroughs of New York: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

Nothing really comes close to matching the good fresh air, free run exercise, social interaction, and more, for your favorite dog. In a dog park, they have good fences, even in the city surrounded by cars and streets, you can feel safe letting your dog run free. Dogs are also very social creatures and love to chat and interact with their fellow soulmates from around the block. Choose your dog park based on what you and your dog feel the most comfortable with, they are all different.

The Sirius Dog Run of Manhattan

This park is named after a famous K-9 dog named Sirius that was an explosives expert and died in the 9-11 attacks while at work. The park is located on the shore of the Hudson river in Battery Park City. It has plenty of room for most large dogs to get a good run off leash and there is plenty of shade for the humans with park benches as well. There is a wading pool just for the dogs and it’s quite popular on warmer days with the many pooches that come there. The park is mostly paved which makes it nice if you don’t want to dirty up your car or home after you visit the park. There are special water stations for dogs and plastic bags and poop receptacles for their disposal.

Little Bay Dog Park in Bayside, Queens

This park has great views to offer the humans of the Throngs Neck Bridge that are quite awesome in the evenings. Located near the Utopia and Cross island parkways it’s fairly convenient to get to by car. It is well fenced to allow the dogs to go off-leash and there are water fountains just for dogs and others for humans. This park is somewhat special since it has separate areas for the smaller dogs that can sometimes be overwhelmed among lots of large dogs. Baggies for poop and receptacles are available too.

The 5 Boroughs of New York may seem like and unfriendly place to own a dog, at first, but there are at least 8 dog parks including Rockaway Freeway, Tomkins Square, Madison Square, Long Meadow, Silver Lake, and Canine Court to choose from. Each has its own ambiance and amenities, you may like to mix and match of just hit your favorite every time.