5 Pet-Friendly Locations on Long Island

So you are traveling with your pet and you’re on Long Island. What fun! It sounds as if you are all set for a fabulous experience, except for one thing – you are unsure of where you can bring your pet. Well, never fear! We are about to share with you 5 pet-friendly locations on Long Island.

1. Blyndenburgh Dog Park

The first pet-friendly location on Long Island is Blyndenburgh Dog Park, and what a lovely park it is indeed! Obviously the pet you are traveling with needs to be a canine, but this 600-acre area is perfect for pups to run free and have a blast. And two of these acres are fenced in, allowing for your furry friend to run wild without their leash. As an added bonus, enjoy of miles of trails that you can explore with your dog.

2. Tony Cuban

So you’re ready to enjoy a delicious meal, and you have your pet. You’re in luck! Tony Cuban, a restaurant that serves Italian and Cuban fusion food, allows pets to accompany diners to the outdoor dining area.

3. Gardiner County Park

Another fabulous location which allows pets is Gardiner County Park – which has a super awesome beach! And yes, your doggie is allowed to come splash around. Experience the picnic area (that contains a fountain your pet can get a drink at) and then trek down the 1.3-mile trail and end up at the beach. You’ll be sure to make a splash together!

4. Nina’s Pizzeria

Mmm, pizza! Just like a community pizza place should, Nina’s allows those traveling with their pets to come enjoy a slice outdoors with their pet. Grab some delicious grub and stay cool under the umbrellas that are set out just for you and your furry companion. This place is awesome!

5. Cherry Avenue Dog Park

Another fabulous dog park, this location is great for those who are traveling with their canine companion. This is a small dog park, which makes it cozy and hard for you to lose your pet (although you still want to make sure you are using a leash).

So if you are planning to visit Long Island, New York, don’t fear that you cannot visit with your precious pet. You absolutely can! Stop by a couple fun parks to play, and even come to splash around at a pet-friendly beach. And, of course, round out your experience with some good food. You’ll both have a fabulous time!