3 Fabulous Exercises to Do While Walking Your Pet Dog

These days, it can be very difficult to have extra time due to our busy schedules and hectic work days. So fitting in time to walk our pet dog can be hard, but doing this plus finding the ability to exercise can be downright impossible. Fortunately, you can do both at the same time! In this article, we will discuss three exercises that you can do while walking your pet dog.

While you are on your walk, stop every few minutes to complete an exercise. Then continue your walk. You will, of course, want to have your furry friend on a leash for convenience. The first exercise that you can complete while out on a stroll with your dog is the side shuffle. To begin, stand sideways and point your feet so that they are facing forward. Squat low and keep your weight within your heels. Then, side shuffle! Encourage your pet to follow along with you as you do this. This exercise will work out your lateral muscles, which do not typically get worked during a normal walk.

The second exercise that you can do while outside with your furry companion is the lunge walk. You will want to encourage your pet to “heel” during this one. To complete this exercise, lower down into a lunge. This means that you place one foot in front of you and let yourself go straight down (do not bend forward or backward). Remember to keep your weight balanced in your heels, not your toes. Pull forward so that the foot that is in front of you straightens, and then stand up. Repeat the motion by putting your opposite foot in front and then pulling yourself up. Repeat this 20 times before continuing with your walk. This exercise works your balance and your leg muscles.

The last exercise we will mention in this article is the push-up. But rather than pushing yourself up from the ground, stand upright and push up using a table or fence that is found outdoors. The lower you bend to push up, the more difficult the move – keep this in mind!

Do this move 5-15 times every few minutes during your walk, and after the other moves. While stopping to complete it make sure that your dog knows to sit, or “stay.” This move works your pectoral muscles and your arms.

In conclusion, these three moves will help you to get a little something extra out of walking your pup. Good luck!